How Yummy Chocolate is Made.

chocolate is made┬áBrussels as well as its world-famous the Belgian capital has a trademark that’s arguably more tasteful chocolate and it comes in all shapes and sizes. This is how a Belgian factory makes chocolates on a massive scale, in this truck is the star of the show pure unadulterated chocolate. To keep it soft and the trucks tanks the chocolate is capped at 47 degrees Celsius, from there it’s pumped into the factory storage tanks, every single day this factory produces over half a million individual chocolates and truffles, and these tanks are kept topped up with chocolate. It will be used for hundreds of different varieties of sweets, and one of the nation’s favorites is the caprice. Sacks full of hazelnuts and almonds are used to make the shell that roasted for 15 minutes at 115 degrees Celsius. Large quantities of corn syrup and put into a bowl, and combined with icing sugar when it’s heated the mixed caramelizes. Meanwhile the roasted nuts have been ground down now they can be added to the mix. The mixture is laid out onto a conveyor belt and sets to form a nut brittle it’s cut into squares and passed along onto a heated surface, where workers roll them into the Capri shape. The filling for the Caprice is a rich vanilla cream and this is not the weight watchers variety. Blocks of butter and sugar followed by vanilla extract. Lecithin to bind it all together, and finally just to make absolutely certain that your doctor would approve a dollop of white chocolate. The mix is taken to the production line where the work is fill each row individually. The finishing touch of the caprices of course as sumptuous chocolate coating. The cars belgian chocolate has a worldwide reputation to maintain, the chocolate mix is regularly checked and somebody created a machine to do it.


Even the temperature of the chocolate is important as it affects the taste and texture of the final sweet. As well as golden oldies like the caprice this factory regularly adds new varieties to its range. A new chocolate truffle begins life as an idea sketched on to a pad you don’t have to be a great artist to be a chocolate designer all you need is a good imagination. In the in house kitchen variety of ingredients are tested to get the taste and look perfect, once he’s happy with a texture and taste the chocolate here can begin crafting the very first samples of his new chocolate truffle. Spoons in a milk chocolate mix and leaves it to it starts to set. When he turns the tray over the soft Center that hasn’t yet set falls out even chocolate shells.

The vent pipes in the filling before covering the base with another layer of chocolate. When they’ve hardened they can be tapped out the new recipes approved and it goes on to full scale production just like before chocolates pumped into the trays, and when it’s partly set the trains are tipped over leaving behind the chocolate shells. Giant fans call the chocolate to encourage the shelter Harden The filling is then pumped in, and final layer of chocolate makes the base of course the excess is already used a slight twist loosens the hard and sweets from that Ray they come down the line upside down so they’re simply flipped over and and it’s ready a newly crowned contender competing for the Brussels throne.

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