How a Vaccum Cleaner Work?

How does a vacuum cleaner work a vacuum cleaner works. Just like taking a sip of juice from a strong as you suck the air out juice from the glass takes its place this is because, you’re creating a space of empty matter with your mouth since matter has a tendency to occupy space. The juice will flow upward and into your mouth as long as you continue to suck now apply this theory to a vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner has a motor inside it that does the same job as your mount. The rotating fan of the motor creates a vacuum and begins to sucking air through the suction nozzle at the end of the fight any does that comes within range of the suction of the nozzle gets pulled into the fight and is selected in a bad the next time you come across a vacuum cleaner. Ask an adult to help you turn it on find different materials such as paper clips a couple of coins and a small pile of dirt just how close you have to go to the material in order for it to reach the grasp of the suction part.

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