Saying “Yes” when you actually want to say “No”

Today we are going to talk about the key communication mistakes that people make. Ok, now when i am talking about communication, I am not talking only about spoken communication the way I am talking to you right now this is communication. I am talking about written communication, it could be emails, it could be texts or of course conversations that we have, and mostly I have seen people make a lot of communication errors, at work in a profession scenario. Now this could be embracing it could take a tool or your professional relationships, and in a long run this could affect your career. So let’s learn how not to make these key communication errors, So today I am going to share some tips with you so stay with me.


Saying “Yes” when you actually want to say “No”

Now big mistake that people commit ,while communicating , while talking, especially in a work scenario is that they end up saying “Yes” when they actually want to say “No” . Now saying no is awkward it’s at times embarrassing, it feels uncomfortable and most of us are not conditioned  to say no because maybe sometimes somewhere in life we have said “No” and we have been  made to feel very bad about it, which is why each time you have to say “No” it becomes little difficult and that’s understandable don’t you feel bad about it, but remember you can’t always say “Yes” because you can’t say “No” you can say yes when you need to say yes, but when you need to say “No” you need to be assertive and you need to be able to stand your ground and say “No”. Now most people and in a professional environment find it difficult to say “No” because they feel is they say “No” to a certain task they will not remain in the good books of their bosses or colleague. Now it’s not always easy, and it’s not always viable to keep pleasing people, ok sometimes you have to take a stand and state a “No”  a very firm “No” for the task that is being presented to you, because if you take on every bit of work that comes on to you which may or may not be your responsibility, what’s gonna happen is that you are gonna get very burden with work , overburden in fact and you are going to lose your productivity which will create problems for you. So whenever it’s required you must stand your ground be assertive, be confident, do not get worried about the repercussions say a polite but firm “No” and always have your reasons ready, you can’t say a no without having a reason, it has to be a valid reason that will be accepted by your colleagues and your bosses.  So remember when your heart is telling you to say no it’s not correct to say yes right now . Just say no it takes practice but you will get it, it’s a simple word it’s short say NO. For more information on communication skills check my blog ritu here.

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