Iphone 7 Review

I will be reviewing the Iphone 7 after one month of using it. With all that news surrounding the Samsung galaxy note 7 really catching on fire and exploding, I have a feeling a lot of their audiences can be looking to make the switch to this newest release. In this article i will tell you all about my thoughts and opinions on it. Will talk about the new camera and the home button, the water resistance, and so on in this one month review of the Iphone 7. First off I’ve been using an Iphone since the for release and before that I was an early adopter of the first iPod touch, so I feel like I’m well equipped to give you my run down here. When you take a look at its really not to visually different from years past. Where the changes come are mainly internal the phone is lightning fast. There’s no denying that at all everything is very smooth animations are quick as always and for performance we should expect that with apples A10 chip inside.

Iphone 7


As a matter of fact the single core and multi-core performance tops the competition right now. A single-core score of 3489 and, a multi-core score of 5657. It still features a 4.7 inch display with it being 1334 x 750 p with a 326 pixels per inch ratio and really the screen is beautiful as always. I don’t get what people originally complained about the screen not being upgraded, its bright and it looks just fine. The phone is available in rose gold, silver, black, jet black, and gold variations. I obviously have the gold version but I’m rocking a marble skin from debrand right now, something about the white marble and the gold accents on the phone really make it look nice. I think for one due to the shape of the Iphone 7 that it’s kind of slippery if you don’t have a case or skin on which is why i love using rebrand. Their site is very user-friendly we can see your skin’s on your device real-time and they ship worldwide up look. At the brand in the description down below. Now let’s address the elephant in the room the exclusion of the headphone jack. Really it’s not a big deal at all and I stress that they already include the Lightning port ear pods for you to use plus a lightning to headphone jack adapter in the box free of charge. So what’s the big deal here you can still use your old headphones bluetooth headphones still work and I’ve never really had to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time except maybe, i got an airplane but there are cheap adapters out there for those rare instances. Out with the old in with the new and I’m all for ditching it. The integrated back is still phenomenal.

Apple has always had the upper hand and on-board audio for mobile device that’s only going to get better with the Lightning port but as a result pitching the headphone jack open the door for two new features on the Iphone 7 and improve taptic engine for 3d touch and water-resistance. First the home button is actually no longer a button it says touch-sensitive feedback we get just like in the newer macbooks where it sends a pulse of vibration that feels very similar to if you were actually clicking it. It’s pretty cool honestly it’s going to eliminate the problem of like a faulty home button or something with a getting stuck, you can also go into the settings and change the power of the pulse if you’d like but this does also mean that you have wet hands that’s really not gonna work too well. Speaking of water we now have water resistance which is probably the most welcome addition, Elle say I still wouldn’t take in the pool with me or anything like that, know what I want to test the water resistance limits but now i can listen to music in the shower without worrying it’ll get fried. Next on the list to cover is the camera and apple is always trying to take the crown for best camera on the smartphone market. With phones like the Galaxy S7 out there the LG V20 and the google pixel now available, I wouldn’t say it’s the best of the best but it is definitely still up there. I’ll show you some side-by-side photos of the seven compared to the six that I have you can judge for yourself. This time the camera boasts a 12 megapixel camera with f 1.8 aperture very quick auto focus. They greatly improved colorescience for more true-to-life photos and an updated face time camera that is now seven megapixels and can record 1080p video. Apple is releasing their portrait mode for the Iphone 7 plus which definitely sees the biggest upgrade here with those two lenses, we regular 7 users do miss out with fortunately all together the camera i think is pretty great all the photos were very nice looking, but i do wish we had more manual control kinda like i have on the LG V20. Also I’m gonna put a link to my man ash Taylor, you can check out his I phone 7 video where he has some awesome examples of the photos and videos. Other things before we wrap it up is the 3d touch which is a nice way of navigating certain apps as I don’t have that with my I phone 6, and it really takes some time to get used to this. I never had that before but not every app or menu can utilize it’s still a pretty nice touch wink wink and like I said getting rid of the headphone jack helps improve the hepatic feedback. Then there’s something like the battery and the battery life leaves me longing for a better result, they really didn’t notice a difference, i surrounded need to charge my phone every night before bed, but of course it’s going to vary from person to person. Someone like myself who is actively on social media will definitely eat through the battery life much quicker than most but Apple does actually claim the battery is expected to see a two-hour life increase from the 6s due to the way the chip and coprocessors prioritize certain tasks. Another new addition on the fan of is the two front facing speakers which was surprisingly never had in the past. Now you’re watching movies or YouTube videos you’ll have proper positional front-facing audio. Other than that everything is pretty much the same the phones the exact same dimensions of course there’s some new changes in the newest software update but the phone is just very similar. honestly the phone itself is good just not great I feel like if you’ve gotten this last year than would have been probably the best phone at the time on the market but this just honestly feels dated to me and if anything I think my biggest gripe with Apple an Iphone itself is the software. I think we could have added a lot of Android like features that we’ve all been dying for since really forever. But here again it just feels stale to me like why can’t I go over and slide my widgets from the notification screen onto my home screen, like maybe I want the weather there to switch it up and I want certain things instead of just rows and rows of apps. I end the android simply because of the endless customization they have the witches they have are great and just the ability to personalize their phone is what something that I really want. Anyways, Yes the phone is greatly improved obviously it’s the best Iphone yet but it’s just not worth the upgrade. Currently i have 6S. It’s just not worth the money. In the end some solid improvement like I said overall, but after they kind of missed the mark.

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