Protein Powder For Bodybuilding Guide 2017

In this blog I will show you how to use protein powder for bodybuilding properly as part of your muscle building or your fat burning diet. A lot of people hugely over complicate this, they want to know what is the best protein powder is? How much to take? When to take it? What to makes it with? When in reality it’s very, very straight forward. The common mistake that most beginners make is in thinking of protein powder as being some sort of fancy supplement with special muscle building effects. When in reality its literally just powdered protein, just like the name says.

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So whether it is whey or casein or egg or vegan protein, all of these powders are derived from wholefoods and they’re nothing more than just another source of protein to add to your diet. Except that they’re powdered from makes them more convenient to consume. So rather than thinking of protein powder as being supplements it’s actually more accurate to just think of them as regular food products because that’s really what they are. And so asking how to take protein powder is really not much of a different than asking how to take chicken breast or how to take salmon. Again, it’s just a matter of convenience here. So if you prefer to get in a protein of your daily protein intake in the form of a shake or a protein powder recipe, then the use of a protein powder makes sense. However, if you prefer to just eat solid food to meet your protein needs then a protein powder won’t be necessary at all and your bottom line results will be the same either way.

So, in terms of protein powder selection, keep in mind that as long as you’re getting enough total protein from you’re for the day as a whole, somewhere between about 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, it’s not actually going to make a difference results-wise which specific type of protein powder you use. All forms of protein are ultimately broken down into their individual amino acid building blocks for use in your body. And so as long as you’re getting sufficient total protein and from a variety of sources, you’ll easily be getting enough of all the different amino acids that your body needs to max out your muscle building potential for that day. So even though on a gram for gram basic certain types of best protein powder for bodybuilding like whey or egg might be superior in term of their amino acids profile in comparison to, say brown rice protein or soy, as your total protein intake increases further and further. The differences in quality from one source to the next gradually become less and less important since your amino acid needs end up being covered on way or another, and since your body can only use so much in a given day anyway. So the type of protein powder that you use is really up to you. The most popular, of course, and my personal choice is going to be whey protein. Whey protein because it makes it easily, it tastes good and has several other health benefits as well.

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