best earphones for music

Best Earphones For Music

The top five reasons to choose over-ear headphones or earphones when compared to in-ear this one is dedicated to the top five reasons that you might choose in-ear headphones. Instead of over ear in front of me I have some exclusives once again for mass drop also from HiFiMAN these are a release they’re called the RE00 essentially, what we’re looking at just like the over here model is a heavily reduced price to go along with the influx of demand. And orders that will come in from you guys so this is all metal construction, 9-millimeter driver you’ve, got a braided style cable couple of different ear tips if you want to check that out link in the description you can go ahead and participate five reasons you want to choose in ear headphones when compared to over earphones.

best earphones for music

Travel these are time all right this might seem obvious to you, but this is going to go in anything a pocket of bag it’s going to go with you and you’re not even going to notice it but. The other reason travel wise I’ve been on certain airlines where when you’re about to take off the lake hey dude with the big over-ear headphones you’re obnoxious this is dangerous god knows what their reasoning is but often they forced me to switch to in ear style earphones. So if you’re on the move and you want to want something that can fit in your pocket purse or bag in here is the way to go. Two smaller drivers smaller speaker units that fit closer to your eardrum don’t require as much power to be amplified so, in general in ear headphones are going to be easier to drive. You won’t necessarily need an outboard amplifier or any kind of fancy gear just plug these babies into your smart phones and experience what they were designed to do reproduce sound from a tiny little headphone jack and amplifier. Exercise, activity, jogging, lifting weights, Jack doing the body pump obviously these are going to be more convenient for most people. You don’t have to be as worried about them falling off of your head, and over ear headphones or in ear earphones you get heated up you’re sweating it’s covering I hate being hot I keep the a/c in here on freeze mode jackets it. Price these guys here as i said are about 35 bucks just over thirty dollars, and in exchange for quite surprising sound quality at least in the case of this particular model. Usually when you step into the best earphones in india realm of over years you’re going to pay a little bit more. So, if you’re looking to get in and low price point generally speaking in years will deliver more or less . This one’s a little bit interesting the word is it even a word in conspicuous – yeah sure why not this is like stealth mode, you’re walking around, you’re at the grocery store maybe, you’re in class I didn’t tell you to do it . Kind of you know have your little secret agent lifestyle while you listen to your tunes some people just don’t like the style of having giant headphones on. And I can understand that these just blend in better. So there you have it the great earphones but i will say in conclusion there’s no perfect headphone obviously and if your guy like me or a guy like you if you’re an enthusiast, chances are you probably want to have a pair of each this happens to be an awesome opportunity to get to cool pairs of headphones, some many years and some over years from high five man the quantities are limited as i said before special collaboration between mass drop high five man and unbox therapy if you want to learn more the links are in the description I think you guys are going to get great value out of these two headphone options for an open back over here and in here there you have it.

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